A history of a gifted Marvel romance!

Both Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are from Massachusetts and wear that badge with pride (Evans even starred in a Super Bowl commercial having fun with the classic Boston accent). They also share an incredible and well-documented passion for animals of all shapes and sizes — particularly their canine BFFs. So it was no surprise that sparks flew when the pair met on the set of their film, Gifted.

They didn’t start dating right away, as Slate was still married. Yet as the Gifted press junkets and movie premieres approached, Slate finalized her divorce. When their film, which told the charming story of a single father (Evans) and his gifted daughter (Mckenna Grace), was set to hit the silver screen, romance blossomed.

Let’s go back to the beginning and chronicle the Jenny Slate and Chris Evans relationship timeline. From first meeting to first date, to romantic escapes and breakups, this is the definitive narrative of a Boston-centric love affair. Sadly, they are no more. But what are the details of the falling out and are they still friends? Read on.

Slate and Evans first met in what’s called a “chemistry read.” This was an audition, in some ways, for the two leads for the film Gifted to see if there was a cinematic spark between the two. Given that she got the part, and they wound up dating, it’s safe to say that there were definitely some sparks and then some! The film also starred Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.

The two thespians filmed their heartwarming film, Gifted. The story follows Evans as father to a young girl (Mckenna Grace) who is extremely talented and shows how he goes the extra mile to ensure that she gets the best education possible. Making a movie is no strange place for actors finding love, but the set of Gifted took that bonding exercise further as Evans organized game nights for the cast and crew while they shot the indie film in Savannah, Georgia. Evans had just come out of a relationship with Minka Kelly, per

APRIL 2016
Evans and Slate appeared on the Anna Faris podcast, Unqualified. And the sparks referenced earlier? Let’s just say something was in the water on Faris’ “set” because the heat was electric, as described by Us Weekly. On the podcast, the Captain America star uttered, “I’ve only known Jenny for a few months, which is insane to say because we’re like the same animal.”